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Conway Asphalt Paving provides complete asphalt services throughout Kansas City for projects of all sizes - new installations, repairs, crack filling, striping and more. Contact our asphalt professionals to discuss your project.

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Asphalt New Install

Conway Asphalt Paving specializes in new construction installations. Installing asphalt in lifts over compacted subgrade or rock is considered a new installation. New install depths range from 4” (lite duty) to 8” (heavy duty). Installation in lifts is key to obtain the correct compaction throughout each lift to the desired depth required.

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We work on paving projects of all sizes throughout the Kansas City area.

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Asphalt Paving & Overlays

Paving on Grade

When paving on grade, new asphalt is placed on finished subgrade or aggregate base material. The new asphalt is laid down using the same process as the overlay below.

Asphalt Overlays

An asphalt overlay is simply the process of installing a new surface layer of hot mix asphalt directly over existing asphalt on either parking lots or roads. To be a candidate for an overlay, pavement should be relatively sound without large areas of base failure. Before resurfacing, pavement repairs and transitions must be made. Cracks can be filled with a rubberized crack sealer and a tack coat applied over the entire surface. A new layer of asphalt is then placed.

Fabric Overlay

Fabric overlay is a way to delay reflective cracking, although it will not prevent such cracking. Before placing a new layer of hot mix asphalt, a geotextile fabric is embedded in a liquid asphalt binder over the entire surface. The fabric/binder combination forms a membrane that helps keep water out of the base. The cost is approximately one-third greater than a basic overlay.

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Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt may seem like an indestructible material, but over time, it can begin to show wear and tear through cracking, traveling, potholes, etc. Our Kansas City asphalt repair experts are adept at fixing problems before they become costly. There are two types of patching asphalt repairs in pavement maintenance: Remove and Replace (R&R) and Skin or Surface Patching.

Remove & Replace

When cracks are visible in alligator cracking, potholes, sags, ruts, depressions, and lateral displacement, the best option is to remove and replace patch the failed area. This process consists of saw cutting the area where structural damage has occurred, removing the area, and patching it back with hot mixed asphalt.

Mill Patching

Another option we use in our Kansas City asphalt repairs is a 2” mill patch of asphalt's surface layer where only the surface portion of the asphaltic surface has been damaged. You can remove that surface layer before it starts to damage the base layer of asphalt.

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